Frogs, lemons, sea

from by Salieri




What if I suddenly woke up one day
feeling something is not quite the same?
What if I walk through that wall, knowing I could
grew mountains out of my hands?

I’d tie the sea to that elephant’s tail
and let the ocean move slowly away.
What if I want to defrost some galaxy’s heart
and bring it down here to light up the desert at night?

And then I would name again every town
war lords won’t know where to throw all their bombs.
I could take all dinosaur’s bones,
fuse them together and create a gigantic sun clock.

I’d turn those stupid fairy tales off
turning princes again into frogs
Trains will fly Over your house
follow the zippers through this field of violins
and you’ll find out what this is about.

A lemon river will run down the hill
I snap my fingers and it will stand still.
What if I followed flying saucers across every cloud
leaving the seagulls behind?

Come set the coloured pencils on fire
and make those two lonely planets collide.
Come smell the strawberry wind, open your parachute,
we’re moving so fast, we’re shouting like shooting-stars do.


we’re moving so fast
the witches are on my side
we plant this hurricane all around
the spell is on


from Frogs, lemons, sea, released April 15, 2008



all rights reserved


Salieri Sevilla, Spain

Salieri (2000-2010) es una banda de Sevilla que editó dos trabajos con el sello Discos Liliput: "Electric Doorbells" (2005), producido por Antonio Luque y "Frogs, lemons, sea" (2008) producido por Paco Loco.
Su último trabajo, "This adventure is just for fools" -con Jordi Gil a los mandos de la producción y grabado en los Estudios Pancake de Sevilla- será editado en breve, también en Bandcamp.
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